Core Values
3D Academy has 5 core values. We strive to apply and live out these values in how we relate to one another as staff as well as how we treat our students:
1. Love
2. Adulthood
3. Responsibility
4. Growth
5. Environment.....
3D Academy is working to reduce youth unemployment through the development of character and skills. It enables unemployable youth to upskill in order to better their chance of plugging into the marketplace. We utilize a hands-on, experiential learning process.
Living LARGE
To capture these five core values in an "easy-to-remember" catch phrase, we use the slogan: "Living LARGE""Living Large" is an expression that implies luxurious living. We believe that in applying our 5 core values, life on campus and the staff and students experience of the 3D program will be one of "luxurious living" - not in a material sense, but in a personal sense. By living out the 5 core values, our students will experience great quality of life...
Curriculum that fulfils
Our Mission
3D Revelation Campus Trading as: 3D Academy
NPO: 149-460NPO
Denise Cillie (Dean of Campus)
Shelley Carlton (3D Administrator)
Office Tel:+27-11-849-7431
Cell: +27-61 270-2132
Cell: +27-61 270-2132
Office Tel:+27-11-849-7431
Since 2008, we have been developing and fine-tuning a curriculum that fulfils our core objectives and produces results. To date, our student intakes have been small, but we have a big vision and want to invite you to be a part of the bigger plan. Within the next ten years we aim to...
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