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Grow your ministry, grow your member care, grow your effectiveness, grow your reach, grow your worship, grow your discipleship, grow your funding...

Every ministry in your church can be grown using the PETRA Church App.

It's easy to implement and easy to use and it puts the power of communication in your hands safely and securely.

Here are some of the tools that the PETRA Church app places in your hands:
* Send urgent prayer requests directly onto members' phones 
* Post a daily scripture to encourage church members 
* Members can add Church events to their personal calendar 
* Members can notify leaders of sickness, support requests, visitation needs, baptism requests, death or any other information, directly on their phone 
* Remind members of important events using push notifications 
* Enable members to view missed sermons on their phone 
* Members can view pictures of events that have taken place in your ministry
* Easy feedback from members to grow your ministry

The list goes on and on - and all the time you're creating community!

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The PETRA app
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The PETRA Church App is filled with the benefits that make it worth your while implementing it at your Church.
Check out the Benefits (click the Benefits button above) and see why you must have the PETRA App for your church.


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You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable the PETRA Church App is - even the smallest church with a very low budget can afford the BIG benefits you will gain from the PETRA App.


From purchase to going live we are here for you... and beyond!


When your leadership is informed and up to date on the vision, the activities and the expectations of your ministry, they can only be effective. When they are motivated and inspired they provide amazing leadership and that leads to systemic growth! The PETRA app is the perfect tool to achieve this...

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special features that make
the PETRA app
a powerful tool for your Church!

With our intuitive user interface and beautiful design, your church members will never want to use another platform again.


Your unique app on the app store and the playstore, tailor-made for your church with personalised name and logo.


Customised packages ensure that every ministry can afford to incorporate this powerful tool into their ministry.


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  • Get the basic features and limited support
  • This plan is suitable for small churches and communities, looking to improve communication with their members
  • 10 ministries
    30 notifications / month
    1 Gb storage
    2 hours support 
    Once-off setup fee R1400


  • Get lots of features and general support
  • This plan is suitable for medium sized churches and communities, looking to improve communication with their members
  • 15 ministries
    100 notifications / month
    2 Gb storage
    5 hours support 
    Once-off setup fee R1600
    * iPhone: annual developer license cost extra


  • Get the best features and most support
  • This plan is suitable for large churches and communities, looking to improve communication with their members
  • 20 ministries
    300 ministry notifications / month
    5 Gb storage
    8 hours support 
    Once-off setup fee R1900
    * iPhone: annual developer license cost extra